What does the Dismantling of the Affordable Health Care Act mean for the Disabled

Affordable Healthcare Act bad name Obamacare

What does the Affordable Healthcare Act mean to disabled Americans. It means that we no longer have to worry about Pre-Existing Conditions disqualifying you for healthcare coverage as it did before President Obama made his legacy based on providing Disabled Americans (one who work and ones who don’t work) with affordable healthcare, well if not so affordable at least you could now get Healthcare if you have diabetes, or had a stroke and lost coverage because of you caps in insurance coverage. Ah, and that is another policy that we will lose if the forces that are railing against the ACA bad name Obamacare get their way!. What they are proposing is a total dismantling and repealing of the law back to square one.

Now they are now saying that a total repeal will not happen or there would be a revolt. And, we at DSHE say it would be a revolt of the 57 Disabled Americans. The largest majority minorty demographic in America. So we need to speak out, but again how do we speak out without drawing the ire of our impending change of government where the President proudly boasted of 180K new Disabled Americans job being filled by the US Government, more Schedule A hires than before, etc. We even have the signing of the ABLE Act by President Obama. The Supreme Court sided with Disabled Veterans in the Kingdomware lawsuit. 2016 was a powerful year for we disabled, then came November 8th and all that positivity was totally gone, but it should not be.

We have the largest Majority Minority in America. We should descend on DC with a Million Chair March in March- June if we get pushed to side or there is a push to get rid of our ACA protections such as Pre-existing or limits on insurance caps that will kill those of us who suffer from cancer, or have to us Orphan medicine for a rare disease. So I propose we organize a million Disabled in the streets of DC with as many of those as wheel chairs as possible. Send as many of us by bus, train, and plane to show what happens when you have chairs and disabled needing accommodations and there is more than one if us needing those travel accommodations. Civil disorder from disability travel is a great way to make out point.

DSHE has decided to fight any role back of the ACA without a replacement. There is no way we can go back to the old Wild West of Healthcare. DSHE has programmers who work with us, we know such a large application as Healthcare.gov was going to have problems at the rate of introduction to the largest database of health care recipients and subscribers ever existed. Thank You President Obama, now I hope President Elect realizes that we do count and that the Electoral college will listen to us if we vote in mass, so for the next four years do not grow complacent. No unneeded battles because DSHE has found Republicans to be condusive to disabled Civil Rights in Congress. We have meetings with them all the time. So there is Checks and Balances in the American Democracy. So you simply cannot get rid of the Affordable Healthcare Act without a viable, cost effective and plan that keeps the best and throws out the worst, that we can except but not a plan that says you the Government and President care more for bottom line and profits than for human lives and suffering when you are disabled.

Like Ann Lamont says “Hope begins in the dark, the stubborn hope that if you just show up and try to do the right thing, the dawn will come. You wait and watch and work: you don’t give up.” By Ann Lamont




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