The State of Missouri Discriminates Against Veterans, Disabled or Not!
Missouri Governor Parson and Administration

Many who read this will question why would a Veteran; who has a reputation for helping other veterans, would say that the State of Missouri Office for Administration discriminates against veterans. In order to refute that the State of Missouri does not discriminate against Veterans, you simply have to look at the vicious attacks on the former Navy Seal Governor of Missouri Eric Greitens. He was brought to his knees by nothing more than mere allegations against him. There was never any solid proof that he did anything wrong at all. There was no smoking gun video or recording of the former Navy Seal Eric Greitens doing anything wrong. The sad fact is that Greitens was once the darling of the Republican Party, and many were saying he could even be President some day. Not in the United State of Missouri where there are no local rules in Court. No Law that cannot be broken by the State, if that law is used to break a strong veteran from helping others like Greitens did.

What is scary is that Governor Greitens (I voted for the Navy Veteran of course) is not alone as the only veteran to be persecuted by State of Missouri employees, members of law enforcement all across the State, the repudiated and repugnant medical establishment, and other apparatus of the State of Missouri. The State of Missouri uses Law Enforcement to create false charges against veterans, the Courts to Indict and convict veterans on those false charge,  the Missouri Department of Corrections  to illegally incarcerate veterans and the Department of Mental Health to forensically certify veterans incapable of handling their own affairs, and thereby technically insane. The State of Missouri will use the Child Protective Services to harass couples who do not conform to the norm for couples in South West Missouri. In Vernon and Bates County they want couples to be Caucasian and Aryan. In order to enforce their extremist religious beliefs, the State employs State Police who will ask you “Do you believe in God?” before helping you with those people who dare fire weapons at women and children of Bi Racial Couples.

Imagine being a veteran who was hired by the State of Missouri under the Show Me Heroes program (now nothing more than a website, no help at all) being told he was being fired for violating his Americans with Disabilities Accommodation; including being fired for “Bad Behavior” when he was arrested and did not inform the State within 5 days. When it became apparent that it was a coordinated attack by the State was when my case was referred to the Department of Mental Health because Police Officers swear that I said I wanted them to Kill me because I was going to lose everything. The thing was ,while in the hospital for what I actually suffer from; PTSD and anxiety attacks, the Nevada Regional Medical Center (Quack Doctors at best) took the racist Nevada Police Department statement that I was suffering from Depression and wanted them to kill me. Death by Cop. Yeah! Right!

The Quack Doctors at NMC put those deadly lies on the Medical Report at discharge; and then charged me 2500 dollars after I told the purported psychiatrist I was a disabled veteran with PTSD.  I had my VA Psychologist call them at the Nevada Regional Medical Center but they would not accept her call. NPD would not let me talk to my VA Mental Health doctor or my wife, both of whom are trained on how to bring me down from a massive Anxiety Attack which causes SVT (Supra Ventricular Tachy Cardia).

Some would ask, why would I dare to reveal such HIPPA information about yourself. Well, now that there were charges filed against me. I was forced to use my health information to fight against racist and discriminators who violate Veterans Rights, like I asked for Veterans Court and I was referred to the Department of Mental Health where they do not even mention the word Veteran. And as a Service Connected Veteran I am a ward of the Department of Veterans Affairs anyway. The State of Missouri holds no Jurisdiction over me and many other veterans it illegally incarcerates and holds prisoner for Federal Funds in Private Prisons for the State of Missouri. A State with nearly 40 thousand disabled prisoners getting no treatment leaving them worse off after leaving Missouri Department of Corrections. In Missouri if you are not a criminal, they will make you one; just ask Eric Greitens.

The war by Missouri against the State of Missouri is a low-level war. One with some public eye but now that Greitens resigned there is more persecution against Veterans. The State of Missouri will DENY Discovery request of any evidence that they are breaking the Law. DA’s collude with Public Defenders and bargain with people’s lives as if they are chips. If any one asks you if you want a public defender tell them “to go spit” (nasty Missouri Police Habit especially in Vernon County). My sanity is being questioned therefore I shall write about my sanity. Is it insane to think that a bullet that travels 2900 per second would stay in someone’s body if the gun was placed against their chest? Every time I ask that question I get police guns pointed towards my head and get called insane.  Is it insane to think an office like the Missouri Appeals Hearing Commission; that claims independence from the State of Missouri Office for Administration would be independent after reveling that it was tied by budgetary reasons to Office Office of the Administration, then says when it comes to firing State employees, no records are kept of past cases. Wow, the list of collusion crimes expound?

Now we must take the battle to the legal mine field. We must file for discovery. We must seek sanctions on State of Missouri Attorneys who refuse to comply with US District Court ordered Discovery. Make the State of Missouri national news. Make the plight of Veterans there our rallying cry for equal treatment under the law.
Missouri Governor Parson and Administration

Government in Lockstep with Corporations Leaves Millions Disabled owing taxes

‘I’m having trouble supporting a wife and a government on the same salary.’

While DSHE watched the tax plan unfolding in the middle of the night, Amendments written with handwritten  scribbles that some members of the Senate claimed they were like cartoon character drawings. What was not funny about it was the entire bill was written in secrete then rushed through both the Senate and Congress.

Here is what is wrong with the Tax Bill which makes the bill a tax on disability according to American Progress

Number 1 -the Bill Eliminates the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate

“With so many failed attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, congressional Republicans have decided to squeeze their attacks on health care into their tax plan. The Senate version of the bill would repeal the ACA’s individual mandate. According to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, this would drive up premiums by 10 percent in 2019 and result in 13 million fewer Americans with health insurance by 2025. The Center for American Progress has estimated that the typical middle-class family buying health insurance on the individual market would see its premiums balloon by nearly $2,000 per year, putting vital care out of reach, including for many individuals with disabilities.”

Number 2 the Bill raises taxes on people facing high medical bills

According to American Progress”

A particularly mean-spirited provision in the House version of the tax plan would end the medical expense deduction, which enables people who have incurred very high medical bills­­­­—specifically, medical expenses that exceed 10 percent of their income for the year—to deduct those expenses from their federal income taxes. In 2015, this deduction helped 8.8 million families, offering financial relief amid crushing medical bills that would have otherwise driven people into debt.

Eliminating this deduction would be especially devastating for people with disabilities and severe illnesses, who frequently face thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket medical costs for long-term supports and services­­. It could put critical home- and community-based services and even life-sustaining treatments out of reach, pushing people out of their communities and into costly , isolating institutions, bankruptcy, or both.”

We could not think it would get any worse for the disabled now according to American Progress”

Makes research on drugs for rare conditions more expensive

Another provision buried in both the House and Senate tax bills would weaken or even eliminate altogether a tax credit that encourages pharmaceutical companies to develop drugs for so-called orphan medical conditions­­––rare conditions such as cystic fibrosis, Lou Gehrig’s disease, and Job syndrome. This tax credit is especially important, as development of new drugs and treatments for rare conditions may not be in a pharmaceutical company’s financial interest. Its elimination could mean that people with rare diseases or health conditions may never receive life-saving treatment.”

We will not quote American Progress entire Article but the remaining four items are concern are

Number 4 the Tax Bill makes disability accessibility more expensive for small businesses

Number 5 the Tax Bill raises taxes for people with student loans

Number 6 the Tax Bill ends a tax credit that spurs investment in struggling communities.

Number 7 the Tax Bill leads to automatic cuts to Medicare and other critical programs for people with disabilities.

The last four items stated by American Progress are so heinous to DSHE that we are going to post an article about each of the subjects and how it affects the disabled community at large. It is apparent the Trump Administration is at war with the Disabled from the moment the Whitehouse took down the Web Page for the Disabled and the resources the Obama Whitehouse had given to the Disabled Community.

It is obvious that everything President Obama has done for the Disabled has been stripped away. The President says he wants to help Disabled Veterans but forgets the 42 million other Americans who are disabled. How can 57 Million people be sold out, because we lack one cohesive voice, we lack the structured organization of the Same Sex Marriage movement. We lack the historical documentation of suffrage that African Americans and women were given Amendments to the Bill of Rights but all the Disabled received was an ADA that is being used against us and not for us.

Now we are left out of any tax breaks because the median income for disabled Americans from 16-64 is $41,000, not over 100K as with White College Educated men. Therefore there is not the chance of getting a tax break for a disabled man or woman.

So we disabled are being left behind. We are being singled out and marginalized and the honored servicemen and women who were once whole but now are broken and used to be thrown out without resources can say the government gives them some help compared to non service related disabled Americans who get denied Social Security therefore they get denied SNAP then they get DENIED Medicare under this new Tax plan that is the old Heartless Tax plan Congress is putting out under a heartless Administration. Unless you are a corporation this government only wants you to die leaving them all of your Social Security to buy more missiles to kill instead of healing our people.

Enough is enough we must speak out call email and write your two senators and one Congressman, then move on to your neighboring states and keep calling until you have call all 100 Senators and 525 Representatives. We did, so it is possible, We have to show we mean voting business, vote as a block that is our challenge

Trump Administration pushes 57 Million Disabled aside for profits

Americans Disabilities Act Violator
Trump does this to disabled veterans

The Trump Administration has been at war with the disabled since the day he first was sworn into office. One of his very first acts as President was to stop hiring over 650,000 disabled veterans who apply for Federal Jobs. The Assault on the disabled by his administration continues with amendments submitted by his loyalist in Congress designed to weaken the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1993.

Today DSHE learned that Education Secretary Betsy DeVoe has rescinded over 73 Documents which clarifies the rights of disabled students and their parents. After eight years of a President who understood that disabled Americans had something to offer the rest of America, it is hard to understand just what this president is doing to reverse all the gains disabled made under President Obama. Is this what he means when he says make America great Again. He means sending the disabled back to the horrendous mental asylums aka poor houses of the 1920s. He means lobotomizing schizophrenics because we don’t understand them, he means incarcerating more disabled veterans with PTSD because we already 300,000 plus disabled veterans in American jails and prisons. President Trump has decided to throw 57 million people under the bus for profit for big corporations who see our right to telework as costing them funds or the right to ramps for vets without legs. The Trump administration in one year has reversed the gains of 37 years of disability advocacy for fair and equitable treatment.

We cannot be silent any longer or lose any more rights. He supports the rights of gun owners to shoot and kill if they feel threatened but not the right of assembly or the press. He says he supports free speech for people like Richard Spencer but consider African American Free Speechers “Black Lives Matters” as terrorist while saying the KKK are not terrorists. Jeff Sessions wants to roll back the gains we made in getting medical marijuana in all 50 States, wanting to prosecute States who enforce our right to medicine that help PTSD.

Our rights as disabled are under assault what is our plan. Organize, Organize, Organize. What do we mean by that. Everyone who is American and can read our words needs to call, write, fax, email their Representative in the House of Representative and the Two Senators from each State. We need to demand that they stay strong and oppose any negative changes to disabled Americans right to employment, housing, low cost medical care, and a legal system that recognizes disability needs help not a 6 x 8 cell and free labor to pay for being disabled and incarcerated. Stop trying to bankrupt Social Security and treating it like it is a bank.

Mr. Trump a little lesson you should learn. If you spend your time as President trying to over turn or rescind every law and rule passed by the previous president you will never have any accomplishments of your own to brag about. So what about doing some good for the average American who has one parent in a rest home and the other at home with Alzheimers, give us a break and support us not CIGNA, AAMA, or any of the other billion dollar firms you represent in Congress because you do not represent us, you do not even see yourself as one of us.

There is no “red carpet like you have never seen” in America for you because every thing you do helps China and Russia gain more of what America had in the world. Even China does not attack its disabled anymore maybe you could learn something from them.

In conclusion you can see DSHE is angry and no longer quiet about what is happening to the largest majority minority in America. Disabled Lives Matter because we are Everyone Lives Matter too. Stop you heinous assault on those who need your protection. If you want to be known as being better than President Obama do more for the people otherwise you are the Corporations Racist President who also hates the disabled like mocking the reporter. We disabled will never forget you and we write books, plays, movies, and document our suffering. You will never be forgotten for what you have done to disabled Americans Civil Rights. Stop the Assault on our lives and you may be forgiven!

Orscheln’s farm and home Discriminates against Veterans with Disabilities

On or about August 22, 2017 this disabled veteran was destroyed by the actions of  Orscheln’s farm and home staff from Nevada to Moberly Missouri. Orsheln’s has always portrayed itself as a family owned business that supports our Veterans with Veteran’s 5% off every Tuesday. My family always thought this was decent of them until I asked for a American with Disabilities Accommodation for Orsheln’s to accept counter checks from National Veterans Service Bureau because of my PTSD. I will not give you the past experience my small veterans service company had with stolen checks, so we determined to only use checks printed at our bank four checks at a time.

The issue here is that we asked Orsheln’s to modify their no counter checks policy as an American’s with Disabilities Accommodation for NVSB due to the relief of stress our counter check policy. Orsheln’s had previously accepted NVSB’s counter checks for the last four years, NVSB’s owner who is the disabled veteran had provided the in store manager Becky with the ADA Accommodation/explanation in 2015. The owner of NVSB is well known to Orsheln’s in fact his daughters sell rabbits there, so the owner can only think this is disability discrimination.

The owner of NVSB hopes Orsheln’s actions are not racially based discrimination which is re-surging at an alarming rate for Disabled African American Veterans. Veterans who answered the call of their nation but returned home to discrimination has a history in America. From the Civil War to Afghanistan/Iraq African American veterans are given less benefits, more jail time, and less respect. The laws that protect all Veterans must be obeyed by all and not disregarded by those who see color before honor, disability without care for the person.

Accommodations have been the law of the land since 1993. Orsheln’s has the right to refuse any Accommodation for undue financial burden. When NVSB’s owner asked what burden Orsheln’s was under, there was none given. Simply we will not accept your check even if the law says we must. NVSB has contacted Orsheln’s owners representative Barry Orshelin and their CEO Mr. Stephen Chick, NVSB asked for their attorney’s contact information so we can have a discussion of law and get their legal reasoning behind DENIAL of the ADA Accommodation. NVSB hopes this blog will help them avoid legal action, but does not back away from legal action to make Orsheln’s obey the law or pay for its arogance and disdain for the pain each of the 6 million disabled veterans living in pain each day. If you are reading this please call 660-263-4335 or fax your letters of condemnation to 660-269-3500 or even better email their CEO Mr. Chick at or the family representative Mr. Barry Orsheln at Please ask them why they will not respect the request of a disabled veteran, a request that gives them money and does not cost them money. Ask them if they are racist otherwise why do for one veteran and not the other. Times have changed since 1950 and none of us want to relive the hell we went through before laws like the ADA made life easier for disabled veterans no matter what their color or race is!