The Republican Party has an Assault on the ADA and the Disabled

If you are like many disabled who value family values you occasionally vote for members of the Republican Party as I (violating a cardinal rule using the singular) did in fact do when I voted for a man I consider my friend Senator Roy Blunt and for the former Navy SEAL now Missouri Governor Eric Greitens.

I now sit in amazement at what has transpired for the disabled under the current Republican Administration and in Congress. Once thought of rock solid ADA Accommodations being fought for by the White House and the Attorney Generals across America but they have all either deleted their ADA websites or pointed the Disabled to other Agencies as the Missouri Attorney General has done.

I hold an ADA Accommodation from the State of Missouri for Flex Time and Flex location but both are being denied and I am in fact being threatened with Termination every time I use my ADA Accommodation. Missouri recently passed an unheard of law making it impossible to sue for Discrimination unless someone has jumped through hoops. Which is why DSHE tells every minority or disabled person to sue in Washington DC the original Jurisdiction for Civil Rights. Challenge the Missouri Civil Rights Law as a violation of our Constitutional due process rights. Find a disabled lawyer, fight back.

We need to flood the Courts with lawsuits that are filed against Attorney Generals who do not fight for the ADA and the disabled. Attorney Generals like Josh Hawley of Missouri should not get to choose to terminate ADA representation for the public. We represent fifty-seven million Americans and one Million Disabled Missouri.

As a member of both the Republican and Democratic Parties as via an Independent I find the assault on the disabled disheartening and downright mean. More and more wealth the for those born with it, those who stole it from minorities when they robo signed 4 Billion dollars worth of wealth from minorities under the previous Republican Administration. But GWB never had it in for the cruel way people are treated. In fact GWB (George Walker Bush) called our current Administration cruel for what it is doing to America and its families. The disabled are looked upon as garbage but odds are the current President suffers from some sort of disability himself with the erratic behavior. I once wanted someone not from DC to be President so he or she could rattle things up. Now my mother’s words come back to haunt me, be careful for what you wish for. I bet there are many in the Rust Belt thinking exactly that at this moment.