When is a suicide not a suicide, when labeling disability is dangerous

What a question indeed! When is a suicide not a suicide, when the police say it is of course. I have found that there are studies being done on American Veterans of the US Military in regards to suicide we all know that. But what happens when you are labeled suicidal but you are emphatically not a danger to yourself or anyone else for that matter! You see suicide is nice and tidy for anyone wanting to cover a crime. And the disabled are their victim of choice.

Most disabled are not very eloquent in their speech some may even have a speech impediment. The Mentally disabled are the ones who are most often characterized as being suicidal. Just by writing about it if one is not academically trained can get you the label of suicidal. The most often way we get that label if someone we know has committed suicide, then if you are the grief stricken relative the Police put you under a suicide watch.

My case is different, I am complaining that my best friend did not commit suicide. How does a person shoot himself with a Panther Arms .223 arms length away and the bullet stay in his body? No way. The kicker is two Sheriffs Deputies say they say him do it.

The second thing is after  I went to the Dept of Army CID, FBI, USDOJ, US Senate Intelligence Committee with the facts of his death, I too began to get death threats. I was shot at over 60 times. Now I too am being labeled suicidal but it gets even better. The local Missouri hospital says I  want to die by Cop. Not true of course; but you don’t have to believe me, it is true that people have doubts. The local news paper tried to discredit our comments about the suicide in front of Cops.

Do not believe them. Every time you hear of someone who shot themselves do not just take what you hear to be true. People are dying out there. My friend had PTSD and someone used it against him. Every day I receive a new letter or email trying to trigger me. Labeling me with Depression when I have a loving wife, two beautiful daughters and a good lifestyle as suicidal is absurd but they got away with it with Matthew now using the same thing on me. I leave you with one thing. If someone says to you someone committed suicide, ask them why not how? No one gives up on life even the disabled treasure life like Stephen Hawkins. There is something to this deep state thing, I think they have a war out on the disabled who outnumber them by far.