What happens to the Disabled now?

Is this our future
The future for the disabled


This post is being written in trepidation of “will speaking out about the rights of the disabled” get DSHE vilified and trolled on Twitter? What will happen to us if we are forgotten by a regime that seems insensitive to the rights of the minority majority? DSHE will not mention his name in our article except for to call him the President Elect; he horrified us recently with his interpretation of a disabled reporter. Is this the progress we are to expect in the new Administration? While the last Administration may have not lived up to our expectations with its inability to ratify the United Nations Convention for the Rights of People with Disabilities.

DSHE has meetings with our local Senators to discuss what happens to the disabled now that instead of having a President who says we must hire hundreds of thousands of disabled in the American Government. What happens to the Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business Owner, will he or she be given contracts with the American Government as the new US Supreme Court Kingdomware decision decreed with its ‘rule of two.’ With just four days of the Obama Presidency left, the disabled are looking for ways to secure our future. The question for us is how to address problems in a constructive way, that is without offending a man who takes offense at anyone who does not agree with what he says. The disabled are thinking that there is no way to dissent any decisions by him or his new government without drawing retribution, which with all of our problems we do not need.

How do we address the inadequacies in Education? What should we do about Housing. The Supreme Court seems to think that an Education is a civil right for disabled children. The question is does the Supreme Court and our soon to be new President think a job with an Accommodation no matter the cost is a civil right for the disabled?  Will the new President enforce Disability Housing laws? Will his potential Conflict of Interest of continually owning Billion of Dollars in Real Estate while his interest or trust is “manage” run by his sons “without his influence or making any decisions?” We need a President that thinks about we the People who are disabled , instead of how much he has influenced the Stock Market to go up with his Governing on Twitter.

The Disabled deserve more than what we are getting. Sadly, we return to the title of this Blog, What happens to the Disabled now? Will all our fears come true? Will the recent spat of extreme violence against the Disabled continue as it has under Obama? As we all know, Hate crimes against the disabled have risen around the world with 19 disabled being stabbed to death in Japan . In the Japanese massacre the suspect espoused Euthanasia for the Disabled to his government 4 months before the massacre of innocent disabled men, women, and even children. His government did nothing more than release him to kill the disabled, as he had promised to do.

In fact, WHO or the World Health Organization says attacks around the world on the disabled are up. So now we have a President Elect who does a national press conference and mocks a disabled reporter. What happens to us now. Will his actions embolden more hate crimes against the Disabled.  Will we see random acts of violence resulting in a movement to throw the disabled out of their will chairs, jobs, and homes? The question persists in all of our minds, what happens to the disabled now?